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Here you will see the full catalog of over 40 products ItWorks! has to offer you.

Its time to try the products that will increase your energy & help improve the appearance of your skin a natural & botanical way.

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Your Strong Mom!

Mothers Day is one of my favorite days.  I love it for the flexibility it brings to celebrate your mother, your grandmother & your family & friends as mothers.  It’s multi-generational, it is for current & soon-to-be mothers; and you can celebrate in any style you wish.  How wonderful is that!  It’s a lovely day for anyone who wants to embrace the beauty of motherhood & show their support for every mom they know because mom’s have brought us support, love & strength.

It’s also one of my favorite days to gift special moms in my life.  Tonight, ItWorks! CEO announced a new product in a beautiful gift package for Mothers Day….  Check this out!

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This gift pack includes:

1 Essential Oil Diffuser

4 Essential Oils (lavender, tea tree, lemon & eucalyptous)

1 Quote Block

4 Temporary Fun Tatoos


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Indian Time

The calendar shows that we have just come into spring.  This made me think of a phase I often hear about where I live and work in Nisqually Indian Community.  There I often hear “Indian Time” when people talk about meeting up somewhere.  In many cases, I think people have not discovered the true meaning of Indian Time.

With a move into spring, I think it is a great time to share my understanding of the  meaning of “Indian Time”.  Indian time is used to describe when people will meet for a certain activity.  I hear it being used in a humorous way that makes it means arriving late such as, “Oh sorry, I’m running on Indian time”.

What it truly means is using the seasons and natural activities of the earth as a reference to know when to meet or do something.  The tides, the moon, the run of the fish, the blooming of plants, the ripening of fruits and more are what Indian time is based on.

Our great grandparents were able to live in an organized way by Indian time.  One of my favorite examples is happening right now.  The blooming of prairie camas.  This bulb blooms early spring.  When the blooms are gone, it is time to harvest the camas.  This was a huge event for our ancestors.  Women were know for their territory of camas patches.  Each spring their families would go and it would be a huge event to harvest.

This was a treasured time for families to reunite after a long winter, play for children, and possibly finding a potential spouse for young people.  Indian time is simply natures way of providing us with a natural calendar or clock for activities and events.

I’m so happy that ItWorks! now has a cleanse product.  The change of seasons is when I plan to use it.  So 4 times a year, when I see the camas bloom, I know it’s time for a cleanse.

Check out the “SHOP NOW” tab to get your natural, gentle, botanically based Cleanse.


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Water Is Essential

Water is essential when incorporating ItWorks! products into your personal health & wellness plan.

I’m here to help you improve the appearance of your skin;

head to toe and inside & out.  

When using ItWorks! Body Wrap, Fat Fighters, Thermofit and most every product in this natural line of skin improvement products; water is essential.  They work together in many ways.  The natural ingredients in ItWorks! products help maximize the process of swiftly flushing out toxins deep in your skin.  I always recommend that you drink lots of water when using the products for many reasons. Here are a few of the reasons why:

  1.  Key Ingredient:  Our bodies are approximately 60% water.  That means we need to consistently take in water to help keep from becoming dehydrated.  Stay hydrated to stay healthy & happy.
  2. Feed Your Body With Water:  We tend to think we are hungry all throughout the day, when actually we are thirsty.  A lot of times we ignore our body signs that we are thirsty.  When losing weight or toning our bodies; staying hydrated can serve as an appetite suppressant and help increase the results of our weight loss goals.water glass
  3. Glowing ~ Healthy Skin:  Our skin is the largest organ in our body.  Therefore, consuming water throughout the day can keep our skin color and texture healthy and glowing by building new skin cells properly.  It also helps maintain an accurate body temperature for us.


Now I don’t know about you ~ but that is reason enough for me to continue using ItWorks! as a regular supplement to my personal health & wellness plan.  The products encourage me to drink water consistently.  Plus, I crave water, rather than wanting sugary drinks or power drinks, when I’m using these products.  The results are I see & feel are the benefits in this system.  It’s my personal health & wellness plan that I am sharing with you.

So join me in this health & wellness initiative; I am here to coach you through to amazing results.

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Cleanse: What is Your Reason?

I am sharing a post from nutritionist Meghan Telpher.  I think her writing on the benefits of a cleanse is right on!  Hope you enjoy…

“We benefit from a cleanse physiologically, aesthetically and spiritually.

Physiological Benefits:

~Neutralize and remove toxins from the body that build up and slowly build illness and disease.
~Disease builds in an acid body environment. For the most part, diets high in fruits and vegetables and other whole foods are alkalinizing.
~Body cleansing has also been helpful in resolving the suffering from several diseases including autoimmune diseases, inflammatory conditions, chronic fatigue syndrome, and digestive disorders, as well as heart disease and other degenerative diseases of excess.
~The majority of diseases in Western society are diseases of excess- eating and drinking too much. It therefore becomes highly beneficial to give the digestive system a rest.
~Cleansing the body of wastes and toxins that slow us down, will result in an increase in energy.

Aesthetic Benefits:

~A health supportive cleansing routine will result in a light weightloss, mainly from the removal of toxins that have been building up and stored in the fat cells of our body.
~Lose some of the bloat that is caused by alcohol, yeast and sugar.
~The skin will both look and feel healthier.
~Post cleanse we smell delicious (may not be as yummy going through it)

Spiritual Benefits:

~Cleansing the body of unnecessary waste coincides with ridding the mind of harmful, unnecessary thoughts.
~When we nourish the body with life giving, high vibrational live food, we are displacing the acid and negativity with positive life force.
~The body is cleansed from the by-products of a destructive diet while the spirit is cleansed from useless habits and addictions.
~We become more internally focused as we quiet down and relax our schedules. We realize how little we actually need in our lives in terms of food, stimulation and distractions to feel well and content.
~The positive way in which our self-confidence grows as we exercise a powerful will.
~Depending on what our diets were like pervious to the cleanse, often as the fat melts away and the toxins that have been stored within our fat cells are removed from our body through the various elimination organs, our minds begin to calm and we can move into a deeper meditative state.”

IMG_1206   My reason for making the ItWorks! System (with cleanse) a part of my life includes all the reasons listed above.

The biggest priority for me is the spirituality piece.  Healthy mind; healthy body.  I think our daily thoughts are the key and the rest will follow.  I want to be a positive influence for my granddaughter & family & community.  The System is perfect for me & I think it is perfect for you too.

The aesthetics benefits are of great value to me…  It’s the beginning to developing a more serious full body regime that lasts a lifetime.  I feel good when I am happy with the way I look.

I want to live on the corner of Healthy & Happy.  Using ItWorks! System  is how I will do it. I don’t want to do this alone….  I’m here to help you increase your health & wellness to the level you desire.

Join me!  Send me a message or visit the on-line shop to get your ItWorks! System today.  

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Natural Gentle Cleanse

cleanse systemFull Cleanse Details Here

While in Florida last week for the big ONE conference for ItWorks! Distributors a new product was announced.  Cleanse is the new product added to the System and it is now sporting a new name; System 2.0.

I was so pleased to be able to meet ItWorks! Dr. Don who gave us the full details on this gentle cleanse.  People carry many extra pounds of sludge in their system due

dr don.JPG

Dr. Don, Mandy & I

to the foods that we eat.  This cleanse will help gently wash away that sludge that may be keeping our energy low and slow.

It Works! Cleanse is a gentle two-da
y herbal cleanse that helps your body reset and rebalance itself so you can feel and look your best! Formulated with two proprietary blends to work with your body to help remove toxins while delivering essential nutrients and vitamins,* It Works! Cleanse provides a powerful cleanse without the harsh effects other cleanses can cause.

It Works! Proprietary Herbal Cleanse Blend™: Blue Agave Extract and Aloe Vera Leaf Gel work synergistically to help nourish microflora in your colon while promoting the cellular health of your colon’s cell walls.* Blue Agave Extract with a slow-fermenting, soluble fiber reaches deep into the colon, working as a prebiotic to feed good bacteria and rebalance microflora while slowly cleansing out toxins for a more comfortable cleanse.*
It Works! Proprietary Nutritional Cleanse Blend™: Contains an array of 25 foods, botanical extracts, and concentrates that help to support the liver’s detoxification function, while providing a supplemental source of the vitamins, minerals, enzymes, fiber, and phytonutrients your body needs.*
As powerful as It Works! Cleanse is on its own, it delivers even better results when working together with the products of the It Works! System. Use It Works! Cleanse on your REMOVE days of the It Works! System to WRAP. REMOVE. REBOOT.™

I am using the full system now & it fits my lifestyle perfectly.  Easy to use, easy to take with you, it is a system that anyone can do & see excellent results!

Get Your System Today by clicking on this link:   http://www.orderfromcsi.com

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My Personal Sale! Overstocked!!

This is a time & product limited – until sold out – overstock sale.  I have a few items that are available to you if you are a Loyal Customer or not.  At the Loyal Customer price!!!!

What a great way to try a botanically based product from ItWorks!

Check Out the tab on the menu for “Overstock Sale” for all Details.  Products with pictures are shown on the Facebook update on the right.

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